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pudding / пудинг, толстячок, вид колбасы
имя существительное
pudding, duff, pud
вид колбасы
pud, pudding
имя существительное
a dessert with a creamy consistency.
chocolate pudding
a sweet or savory steamed dish made with flour.
Yorkshire pudding
away with you, you big pudding!
And we did have a bag of jelly babies for pudding .
away with you, you big pudding!
Yorkshire pudding
a good helping of pudding
a rice pudding
But no, it was plain wholesome gravy and with a clean plate in front of her, Ann's verdict was ‘delicious’ for a pudding full of lean meat.
I went downstairs to finish working on the pudding for the dessert as Mary washed the pots and pans I had used to cook with.
The mix should have the consistency of pudding or soft butter.
a steak and kidney pudding