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pucker / морщиться, морщить, делать складки
wrinkle, wince, pucker, purse, crinkle, wrinkle up
wrinkle, pucker, ruffle, purse, crinkle, contract
делать складки
pleat, crease, pucker, tuck, frounce, ruckle
собирать в сборку
имя существительное
fold, crease, pleat, wrinkle, tuck, pucker
wrinkle, cockle, ruck, corrugation, line, pucker
раздраженное состояние
pucker, peeve
assembly, assembling, assemblage, installation, fitting, pucker
concern, anxiety, worry, trouble, disturbance, pucker
имя существительное
a tightly gathered wrinkle or small fold, especially on a person's face.
a pucker between his eyebrows
(especially with reference to a person's face) tightly gather or contract into wrinkles or small folds.
her brows puckered in a frown
There you have it - a perfect pucker for any kiss.
High cheekbones and lips that always seemed to be on the cusp of a pucker .
‘Thank you,’ says the bartender, who does pride himself on his perfect pucker .
His tailor was trotted out to say it was just a seam pucker .
The stunned looks on the faces of the audience caused her to lose her pucker , proving that you can't whistle and laugh at the same time.
There's the sour pucker on a snow lynx, a soulful pout on a groundhog, and a demonic stare on a giant panda.
Byrd brings her lessons to us in this book full of tips and exercises to perk up your pucker .
a pucker between his eyebrows
His bible-infused speeches have become as commonplace as his chimp-like pucker .
After all, when you're a spy, what's most important is not to inform congressional overseers or educate the American people about intelligence - it's to keep your pucker .