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publish / публиковать, издавать, опубликовывать
publish, announce, run
publish, issue, utter, put out, send forth, carry
publish, promulgate, proclaim, bring out
(of an author or company) prepare and issue (a book, journal, piece of music, or other work) for public sale.
we publish practical reference books
communicate (a libel) to a third party.
And if the matter published is contained in a written or printed document the publisher is guilty of publishing a seditious libel.
As sequencing projects had grown larger and larger it had become quite impossible and pointless for journals to publish the sequences in print.
Trunk is about to publish a book of library music album covers.
I discovered that some reasonably well-known names are using Lulu to print and publish collections of their photographs, either in black and white or full colour.
A man in good faith may publish a libel believing it to be true, and it may be found by the jury that he acted in good faith believing it to be true and reasonably believing it to be true, but that in fact the statement was false.
we pay £5 for every letter we publish
the pressures on researchers to publish
In May the Government announced plans to publish a draft Bill on corporate manslaughter with the timetable for legislation, plus further details, to be announced this autumn.
Some will use print to publish well-researched news stories that threaten the powerful, some will write pamphlets, others lies and libels.
Alves says he hopes to publish a journal article this fall detailing the 2004 findings.
we pay $10 for every letter we publish