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publicly / публично, открыто, гласно
publicly, in public, openly, overtly, in broad daylight, in open daylight
openly, publicly, overtly, in public, outright, avowedly
so as to be seen by other people; in public.
some weep publicly
Party political rows will not be allowed as the sites are publicly funded - although they may link to political pages.
And we do this by providing publicly funded health, education and welfare systems.
He has said publicly he has no idea how it could be that HIH is insolvent.
some weep publicly
He also said he wanted to publicly thank all the staff and valued customers for their loyalty and support over the years.
I want those horrible soldiers who were responsible for this to be publicly punished and humiliated.
For the first time in history his job was publicly advertised.
He added that it was not necessary for the airstrip to be publicly owned.
publicly, officials criticized the resolution, but privately they thought it tolerable
The health problems linked to smoking are so vast and it is a real problem but if people continue to smoke openly and publicly where will it end?