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publicity / гласность, реклама, публичность
имя существительное
publicity, publication, daylight
advertising, advertisement, ad, commercial, publicity, promotion
имя существительное
the notice or attention given to someone or something by the media.
the case attracted wide publicity in the press
There are plenty of production photos and publicity stills, showing off looming shadows.
Despite what the lavish government publicity campaign says, nothing has changed.
we distributed publicity from a stall in the marketplace
Grace, shy by nature, found the glare of publicity unwelcome.
The more media publicity given to that image, the greater is the possibility of the repetition of that image, and they love it.
He won't have enjoyed all the adverse publicity in the media this week surrounding both the club and his job.
To do so would look like I was trying to get attention, to seek publicity .
Money awarded has been used to produce publicity stickers which will be placed for the group's work.
publicity photographs
Corporations fear media attention but risk maps have not generated negative publicity in the media.