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publication / публикация, издание, опубликование
имя существительное
publication, card
edition, publication, issue, impression
publication, promulgation
имя существительное
the preparation and issuing of a book, journal, piece of music, or other work for public sale.
the publication of her first novel
After the book's publication , it was treated as an example of ethnographic research.
The publication of the piece at this time troubles me for a number of reasons.
I really do think I shall be able to work the stories and the illustrations up into a nice little book for publication .
A friend of mine is writing a gardening book for publication early next year.
This piece is awaiting future publication as part of Students of the Free Market book project.
No, the foreign exchange markets moved substantially upon the publication of US trade data.
The usual gap between hardback and paperback publication of a book is roughly one year.
Present-day emblem scholars continue a tradition dating back to the initial publication of emblem books.
There were other problems with the early issues including financial and publication concerns.
Work on the Trilogies has begun, although no publication dates are set as yet.