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public / общественность, публика, народ
имя существительное
public, society, general public
public, audience, turnout, house
people, nation, folk, public, crowd, race
имя прилагательное
public, social, community, communal, common, societal
public, open, common
open, opened, uncovered, public, frank, discovered
имя прилагательное
of or concerning the people as a whole.
public concern
done, perceived, or existing in open view.
he wanted a public apology in the Wall Street Journal
of, for, or acting for a university.
public examination results
имя существительное
ordinary people in general; the community.
the library is open to the public
we had a very public row
The American viewing public 's interest is a powerful force in the future of the Games.
Ivory is now out of fashion due to conservationist efforts to educate the buying public .
We also need to bear in mind that most US students still go to public universities.
It helps women to achieve their full potential in their careers and public lives.
I descend to greet my public at 11 pm and am able to scrutinize at least 6 different chins and sets of grinning teeth at close quarters.
As the school year started two years ago there was little public concern over this.
We need to know how the delay happened, and if there are any other public health concerns that we need to know about.
Like the rest of the reading public , I have grown used to waiting for her.
To date, the city has held several open houses and public meetings about the plans, he said.