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psychologist / психолог
имя существительное
psychologist, psych
имя существительное
an expert or specialist in psychology.
Many cognitive psychologists also examine the effects of selective attention.
So we asked a psychologist to devise a scientifically valid test, which we took to two schools.
I'm attending a psychologist
She told my mum, who then kept an eye on me, so did the school, who made me speak to a psychologist about it all, which I hated!
she's a qualified psychologist
She had to have an operation and has been under the care of a psychologist for panic attacks.
I could be a criminal psychologist , a guidance counsellor, a social worker.
It so drained Dunwoody that he felt forced to consult a sports psychologist .
As a psychologist and educator, she was keenly aware of individual differences.
I found a wonderful woman in LA who was a criminal psychologist dealing with psychopaths.
David Taylor is a psychologist with a background in psychopharmacology and development.