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psychobabble / невнятный лепет
имя существительное
невнятный лепет
имя существительное
jargon used in popular psychology.
Is this self-indulgent psychobabble or legitimate therapy?
the writing is clear and unfussy, blessedly free of psychobabble
Furthermore, a good chunk of his theory is untestable metaphysics, psychobabble and gobbledygook.
Is this self-indulgent psychobabble or legitimate therapy?
Page after page of manic ramblings crowd these uneven stories to a claustrophobic pitch, threatening to lose even the most attentive of readers with their jargon-heavy, obfuscated psychobabble .
The author aims to provide readers with a ‘profound psychological insight’ into the life of Bill Clinton but ends up spouting Freudian psychobabble .
Unfortunately, in this reviewer's estimation, it is a flawed one: an attempted blend of evolutionary theory as the basis for psychology and implausible Freudian psychobabble .