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psyche / душа, дух, псише
имя существительное
soul, spirit, heart, mind, psyche, inside
spirit, mind, ghost, soul, wind, psyche
psyche, cheval glass
имя существительное
the human soul, mind, or spirit.
I will never really fathom the female psyche
имя существительное
a Hellenistic personification of the soul as female, or sometimes as a butterfly. The allegory of Psyche's love for Cupid is told in The Golden Ass by Apuleius.
Hindu society has been the meeting point as well as the melting pot of as many spiritual visions as the human psyche is capable of springing up spontaneously.
What is indisputable is that psi phenomena are related to mental events: they implicate the psyche , or the mind of individuals.
According to commentators, through the eating of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, the tendency to do evil was internalized within the human psyche .
The result of this imbalance is to frustrate the natural desire of the human psyche , thereby placing the individual in a perpetual state of angst and glowering fury.
the Irish psyche
But as a psychologist what fascinated him was what he saw as the highest achievement of the individuation principle - the human psyche in its fullest possible development.
The mind, the psyche , the soul, the spirit - call it what you will - also has to be returned to some sort of equilibrium.
With the mitzvah of counting the 49 days, known as Sefirat Ha'Omer, the Torah invites us on a journey into the human psyche , into the soul.
Joyce may be difficult, but the diligent reader is rewarded with an astonishingly bold and enlightening glimpse into the inner workings of the human psyche .
I will never really fathom the female psyche