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pshaw / выражать пренебрежение, фыркать
выражать пренебрежение
pshaw, pshaw at, pish
snort, sniff, spit, pshaw, pshaw at, pish
say ‘pshaw’.
when I suggested that free trade might dilute Canadian culture, he pshawed
an expression of contempt or impatience.
“Poison? Pshaw! The very idea!”
And for those of you who don't really want details of this, pshaw !
EEEEWWWW pshaw what the bloody hell?
But other lawmakers pshawed that notion, saying the ministry's financial report yesterday lacked substance.
‘Oh, I was a stickler for the rules,’ she pshawed , ‘I work in a bar now.’
He pshawed me, accused me of being in denial of incipient middle-age and merely affecting to like ‘the crew’ whilst pining for Celine Dion or Dido.
Upon hearing Kurtz's notes over the phone, one imagines the rewrite guy pshawing the angle.
But business leaders have pshawed those claims, saying that much of the debate by critics outside the chip industry has been driven by ignorance and emotional arguments.