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psalm / псалом
имя существительное
psalm, hymn
петь псалмы
имя существительное
a sacred song or hymn, in particular any of those contained in the biblical Book of Psalms and used in Christian and Jewish worship.
a delightful setting of Psalm 150
Like manna in the desert and the Eucharist, the psalm evokes the joyful knowing of God with our physical hunger.
We read the opening psalm in the book of Psalms and we meet there the blessed man.
His Psalm 71 is instructive for he considers the very matter of evildoing, and in psalm after psalm his recourse is in prayer to God.
Earlier in the psalm King David compares himself to a sheep following the shepherd.
This psalm is about marriage and family and work.
The entrance rite began with the choir singing an introit psalm, a full psalm .
This psalm blesses us with the promise that our lives have meaning and partake of the majesty of God.
Although usually identified as a penitential psalm , Psalm 130 is also clearly a song of hope.
And on the Cross he cried out in agony, quoting a psalm that speaks of divine abandonment.
Edith remained a devoted daughter, accompanying her mother to synagogue, but reading the psalms from her missal.