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prurient / похотливый
имя прилагательное
lustful, lascivious, lewd, prurient, raunchy, randy
имя прилагательное
having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters.
she'd been the subject of much prurient curiosity
If prurient peering into other people's private lives is now an offence, the Home Office should be the first in the dock, with this Act offered as evidence for the prosecution.
These type of programmes are cheap (from a production standpoint) puerile, prurient and sadly popular.
People have an in-built prurient curiosity and voyeurism so why should we blame the programme makers for that?
And it has enough about actual sex to satisfy your prurient side as well.
In some ways, this biography should be applauded for its total absence of the prurient interest so common to most of its peers.
There is something about regulating pornography that causes even the most prurient libertarian to become apoplectic.
Media shift the responsibility for sensationalized coverage to a prurient citizenry's market demands for more blood, gore and opulence.
Indeed, the only possible response to prurient questions is ‘mind your own business’.
Operating on a far more prurient level is Paul Schrader's latest, Auto Focus, the lurid tale of Hogan's Heroes star Bob Crane.
But beneath the prurient detail lies a stinging indictment of greater Canadian society, police and the mainstream media.