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prudential / благоразумный, продиктованный благоразумием
имя прилагательное
reasonable, prudent, wise, sensible, discreet, prudential
продиктованный благоразумием
имя существительное
благоразумное соображение
благоразумный подход
имя прилагательное
involving or showing care and forethought, typically in business.
Unfortunately, within the Government's rules, prudential borrowing would not provide the solution to our problems.
The performance is creditworthy in view of the absorption of overhang problems by public sector banks and tightening of prudential norms for the banks.
For prudential reasons, I worry that linking social benefits to the workplace may backfire.
Even in his first five years of supposedly prudential stewardship, his new regulations cost British business a total of £15.6bn.
Most students are responsible and prudential and thus not as ribald as Wolfe makes them out to be.
All they needed to do was simply throw the principles of good governance and prudential banking regulations out of the window.
Williams also credits more standard prudential requirements which, he said, have allowed banks to reduce the risk of attracting bad customers.
At the same time, lax supervision and prudential regulation allowed banks and corporations to take on significant exchange rate and maturity risks.
According to prudential legislation, bank exposure to any single entity cannot exceed 25 per cent of its capital.
Indeed, it used to be a principle of asset management that portfolios were diversified across different national jurisdictions as part of a prudential spreading of risk.
This is a matter of prudential judgment made by those entrusted with the care of the common good.