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prude / ханжа, блюститель нравов, жеманница
имя существительное
hypocrite, prude, goody, pharisee, mawworm, Uriah Heep
блюститель нравов
prude, censor, observer
притворно стыдливая женщина
не в меру щепетильная женщина
имя существительное
a person who is or claims to be easily shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity.
Ms Sheppard said: ‘People tend to think of the Victorians as prudes but this dress is quite revealing.’
the sex was so ambiguous and romantic that none but a prude could find it objectionable
I am not a prude and I am not shocked by violence or sexuality, but I am disgusted that these directors assume that their own neuroses are traits shared by all humans.
He was neither a prude nor a Puritan, but he was scornful of self-indulgence, and though he earned a reputation as the champion of the poor, it was only of the deserving and never of the idle.
Isn't it just the continued impact of the liberal revolution of the 1960s which liberated us from the vestiges of Victorian prudery ?
Ms Sheppard said: ‘People tend to think of the Victorians as prudes but this dress is quite revealing.’
It is also where the prudery of a later time has obviously crept in; the sculptures all seem lack-lustre and no sexual connotations are to be found here.
Leland Ryken in his book on the Puritans, Worldly Saints, has shown by extensive quotes that the Puritans were anything but prudes about sex.
Almodovar's films and stories are not for all, as I would assume the sexual content and subject matter would be frowned upon by some, but prudes aside this is a great movie.
Like many modern Irish writers, Beckett resented the pettiness, prejudice and prudery of his country of birth.
Victorian prudery did the rest, followed in quick succession by an unhealthy determination to class sexual congress as obscene and therefore not to be discussed, far less celebrated.