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proximal / проксимальный
  • proximal end - проксимальный конец
проксимальный отдел
proximal part
имя прилагательное
situated nearer to the center of the body or the point of attachment.
the proximal end of the forearm
The shoaling trend is thought to reflect upward transition from prodelta to distal and then proximal delta front.
In all patients, the injection was administered proximal to the carpal tunnel.
The needle enters just proximal to the first metacarpal on the extensor surface.
If it was originally present, the proximal part of this onlapping succession has since been removed by erosion.
Individual deposit thicknesses vary from 20 m in proximal facies, to less than 2 m in distal facies.
Such sediments and ichnofacies suggest lag deposits winnowed in proximal storm-generated beds.
Approximately one third of polyps and one half of colorectal cancers occur proximal to the splenic flexure.
The nerve recombined also beyond the tendon and was subject to compression, proximal to the pisiform bone.
The small bowel is of narrow caliber distal to the meconium plug and dilated proximal to the meconium plugs.
The precipitates are now difficult to locate and were not found in our recent shallow cores through the proximal sinter terrace.