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prow / нос, челн, корабль
имя существительное
nose, prow, head, snout, naze, neb
canoe, prow, dugout
ship, boat, vessel, nave, barque, prow
имя существительное
the portion of a ship's bow above water.
The ship's prow swung ponderously away from the Aurora Borealis, and her main thrusters fired to accelerate her away from the liner.
After his seventh Pentecost at sea Brendan finally sails back towards Ireland and home, with the Steward in the prow as pilot.
The ship leans to the wind and the silence is broken only by the rush of clear, Caribbean water at her prow .
Vessels seeking blessing had approached the Carmelita's barque, their crews tossing offerings of food and drink into the water by her prow .
Exterior styling for the Accord appears sleek, but angular and edgy with a squared-off prow and classy beveled grille.
Signal is the first of four large-scale art installations which will cover the prow of the building between now and February 2004.
The torpedo tubes were built into the prow , with a high freeboard providing good protection from the waves.
He could see tiny silhouettes scurrying across the ship's prow as it prepared to land, shadows against the sun.
We decided to swim forward to inspect what I remembered as the beautifully curved prow of this sleek ship.
Rris crewmen were up in the prow , shouting commands back to the wheelhouse.
In the drawing, Titanic glided through the ocean, as the waves crashed onto the prow of the ship, as the four funnels released black smoke.