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provider / поставщик, кормилец семьи
имя существительное
provider, purveyor, producer, contractor, caterer, procurer
кормилец семьи
provider, support
имя существительное
a person or thing that provides something.
a leading provider of personal financial services
The eResourcing division of TMP Worldwide is a leading provider of global human capital solutions.
a leading provider of personal financial services
The fact that an offender is a sole provider or caregiver is one that can operate as a mitigating factor in sentencing: see R. v.
Cintas, based in Cincinnati, bills itself as the leading provider of corporate uniforms.
As the provider for his new family, he had to take his royal responsibilities seriously.
Wiztec has become a leading provider of human resources information management software.
Bangladesh has a very positive record in international peacekeeping and is a leading provider of troops.
Shell Bulgaria is now a leading provider of industrial and automobile lubricants.
Men now look for work in South Africa, leaving their wives as the sole family provider .
Five years later the business has rapidly expanded and is the leading provider of IT services for York schools.