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protuberant / выпуклый, выдающийся вперед
имя прилагательное
convex, protuberant, bulging, prominent, bulbous, bulgy
выдающийся вперед
protrusive, protuberant
имя прилагательное
protruding; bulging.
his protuberant eyes fluttered open
Its hard, protuberant cones can't be concealed even under the largest sweatshirt you can wear in the office.
The semicircle of his high, wide forehead swung down to the protuberant knobs of his cheekbones, and then tapered, concaving to the pointy bulb of his chin.
He was a short, balding man who was fairly thin, except for his quite large and protuberant beer belly.
The eyes were two emeralds, strangely protuberant .
He had a rather large abdomen and protuberant (for want of a better word) buttocks.
In severe cases, this results in impaired pulmonary function, a protuberant abdomen, and - because of compressed abdominal organs - early satiety and weight loss.
He turned his face resignedly back to the path, just in time to avoid tripping over a protuberant root.
On physical examination, the patient was obese, with a protuberant abdomen but without palpable splenomegaly.
How long before the protuberant outer ear is lopped?
It is not unusual for a child with an abdominal mass to present because a family member notices a protuberant mass.