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protuberance / выступ, выпуклость, протуберанец
имя существительное
projection, ledge, protrusion, lip, lug, protuberance
convex, convexity, bulge, bump, camber, protuberance
prominence, protuberance, prominency
имя существительное
a thing that protrudes from something else.
some dinosaurs evolved protuberances on top of their heads
the large size and protuberance of the incisors
the large size and protuberance of the incisors
The placoderms and chondrichthyans both show at least some capsular protuberance of the braincase, but the braincase is a single, undivided mass, whether or not ossified.
Almost elephantine with its twin probosci and large, intelligent eyes, it alternated between curling the forward lobes into tight horn-like protuberances or dropping them down to shovel plankton into its cavernous maw.
One could lean over from one of those little teensy protuberances of rock, ice, gravel and snow and stare straight down at infinity.
The protuberances remain small during initiation of the first sepals, and they disappear completely in the course of floral development.
Others suggest that protuberances from the epidermis increased photosynthetic surface area on plants that were now growing taller, with thicker stems and more biomass to support.
The cell containing the infection thread, or the neighbouring cell, has green-stained protuberances on its periclinal walls.
The ridges form irregularly situated protuberances that house hollow spines usually 0.05-0.06 mm wide and up to 0.12 mm long.
Interrill flow, also known as sheet flow, sheet wash, or slope wash, generally appears as a thin layer of water with threads of deeper, faster flow diverging and converging around surface protuberances , rocks, and vegetation.