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protrude / выступать, высовываться, выдаваться
speak, perform, appear, protrude, address, project
protrude, stick out, hang out, loll out, butt
stand out, protrude, project, bulge, jut, overhang
extend beyond or above a surface.
something like a fin protruded from the water
The distal end of the clavicle may protrude slightly upward.
Bent reeds, evenly spaced, protrude upwards.
Their stems and leaves protrude above the water surface.
When standing, the knees of this figure protrude awkwardly and incised lines in both mobile arms suggest bicep musculature.
Cut off any unwanted growth and take back older side shoots that protrude too far out.
The evolution of fish feeding systems is a history of change in multiple mechanical systems that raise the head, drop the lower jaw, expand the hyoid, and protrude the upper jaw.
A simple bird bath, preferably one that sits directly on the ground and which has a protruding rock in it on which birds can sit, will do the trick.
Jude was as thin as a stick and his bones protruded through sallow skin.
Many religious figures were seated on three balconies protruding from the temple walls.
Follow routes on protrusions and ridges, and always ski slow and conservative.