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protractor / транспортир, угломер, протрактор
имя существительное
protractor, inclinometer, alidade, alidad
имя существительное
an instrument for measuring angles, typically in the form of a flat semicircle marked with degrees along the curved edge.
Do you need a protractor to measure their angles?
a muscle serving to extend a part of the body.
They accomplish this coordination with proprioceptive feedback through the hypoglossal nerve that disinhibits activation of the jaw depressors when the tongue protractor muscle is activated.
Get out some graph paper or maybe a protractor because this may get complicated.
Points went over from angles almost off the protractor that day and the pace and accuracy of their play hit a level hardly seen in any other game this year.
It is tempting to hypothesize that because the limb girdles display positive allometry, the protractor and retractor muscles attached to them did as well.
Holding the protractor at your desired angle, look up the straight edge of the protractor .
The angle of pinnation was found by placing a protractor along the central tendon and measuring the angle of an individual fiber to the nearest 0.5 degree.
Use a protractor to set the fully extended blade at 10 [degrees] off vertical.
In the overhead thrower, the shoulder external rotator muscles, scapular retractor muscles, and protractor and depressor muscles are frequently isolated because of weakness.
Deflection angles of terminal segments relative to the sub-terminal segments were measured to the nearest 2° with a protractor attached to the apparatus after each additional weight was added.
A protractor was used to measure the angle of this line to the transverse line and hence the angle to the apex of the nucellus.
Although all of the protractor and retractor muscles have roles in swing phase, most play little or no role in support phase when dogs trot at steady speed on the level.