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prototype / прототип
имя существительное
prototype, archetype, protoplast, double
имя существительное
a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.
the firm is testing a prototype of the weapon
make a prototype of (a product).
We are exploring the technology and prototyping the radio systems we are inventing.
The prototype device for dolphins will be tested by one of the two Scottish trawlers fishing for sea bass in the Channel this month.
We built the prototype almost entirely of off-the-shelf components, reducing cost and speeding development.
Technical product feasibility in terms of storage density, performance and reliability was demonstrated in recent experiments using the prototype on display.
Ferguson's team has developed a prototype of the device and hopes it will be available within 18 months.
Cities like Istanbul and Baghdad present a prototype of the concentric design.
There are various explanatory reasons, so obvious in hindsight that their suppression must be regarded as an original prototype of political correctness.
Do you have a prototype , sample or demonstration of an implementation of the idea?
This festival, celebrated in California and in New England, is modeled after an Azorean prototype .
By late 1937 he had designed, built and successfully tested both a semiauto rifle and a prototype light machine gun.
the prototype of all careerists is Judas