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protestation / протест, заявление, возражение
имя существительное
protest, outcry, objection, revolt, caveat, protestation
statement, application, declaration, claim, allegation, protestation
objection, rejoinder, retort, answer, exception, protestation
имя существительное
an emphatic declaration that something is or is not the case.
her protestations of innocence were in vain
no amount of protestation to the contrary made any difference
no amount of protestation made any difference
Yes, there have been protestations of innocence from our own Foreign Secretary, and an outright denial from the President.
Despite its protestations to the contrary, the Second Circuit must have doubted whether we are really at war.
Despite our protestations and grumblings, most Jakartans despair in silence without ever making their grievances heard.
The loud protestations from the government that it opposed the cancellation of the North's elections do little to help its case.
All his protestations of innocence collapse in the face of the bare honest facts.
I am saddened to add my jeremiad to the list of protestations at your coverage.
The two remain in touch, but friends say the close rapport they once enjoyed has been destroyed, despite their public protestations to the contrary.
Despite his protestations of innocence he was fast-tracked into court the following day and jailed for 11 years.