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protective / защитный, охранный, покровительственный
имя прилагательное
protective, protecting, defensive, vindicative
protective, protectionist, patronal
имя прилагательное
capable of or intended to protect someone or something.
protective gloves are worn to minimize injury
Antioxidant micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables have been shown in numerous studies to be protective against cancer.
But there is no treatment known to eliminate them, although the antioxidants in fruit and vegetables are protective against many things.
Females are protective of their young and care for them for about a year, even though the young are weaned and begin hunting for food at about two or three months.
Other male contraceptive formulations in production have been shown to decrease good HDL cholesterol levels, which are protective against heart disease.
His intention was to assist in the creation of a viable and efficient indigenous cement industry, and it was part of the strategy to build up an industrial base here behind protective tariffs.
Be protective of your account numbers, passwords and Social Security number.
In 1821 the Congressional Committee of Manufacturers issued a report calling for protective tariffs to expand industry.
Four girls appear, dressed in white afternoon dresses with full skirts and short sleeves, the picture of mid-adolescent or young womanhood, protective of each other in a two by two pattern.
He is somewhat of a loner, rather introverted, and protective of his ‘space.’
A diet rich in antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E), available in fresh fruit and vegetables, is thought to be protective against stomach cancer.