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protection / защита, охрана, покровительство
имя существительное
protection, defense, security, shield, advocacy, vindication
security, protection, guard, safeguard, escort, custody
patronage, protection, favor, protectorship, auspice, favour
enclosure, fence, fencing, guard, protection, inclosure
protectionism, protection
имя существительное
the action of protecting someone or something, or the state of being protected.
the B vitamins give protection against infection
This wide comfort zone allows cattle to thrive under diverse climatic conditions with little or no need for shelter or protection .
the castle was built as protection against the Saxons
protection money
protection money
protection against the flu
You may be able to avoid prevailing winds by locating your deck where the house will provide some protection .
protection against discrimination
his son was put under police protection
As an added bonus, this daily dose may provide heart disease protection .
Joe eventually makes it to a level that attracts the big protection rackets, acquires money and eventually is pitted against a big name.