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protean / многообразный, изменчивый, подобный протею
имя прилагательное
multiform, diversified, protean
volatile, changeable, variable, mutable, checkered, protean
подобный протею
имя прилагательное
tending or able to change frequently or easily.
it is difficult to comprehend the whole of this protean subject
He never lets his learning cloud his enthusiasm for this wide and protean subject and his writing shares the awe of the poets who preceded him on this journey.
Sexuality appears to be a protean , shifting concept because it is instantiated at multiple levels.
This is not an easy task, not least because the distance on their subjects that historians value is not realizable when examining a subject as protean as globalization, and one that is both now expressing itself and still changing.
His respect for ‘evidence’ is both an acknowledgment of its multifaceted and protean nature and an expression of gratitude for the materials it supplies.
Such values are flexible, protean in nature, varying even from film to film.
Augustine is a protean thinker, a man whose major works range so widely as to defy the summary and commentary we can present for Athanasius.
The emergent self is protean , shifting, cunning, humorous, unencumbered, sometimes angry, but equally capable of accepting its own absurdity and inconsequentiality.
Nature is more protean than Bacon dreamed: Proteus merely assumes different shapes; nature shifts between whole realities.
But if reality has become porous and unstable, Rushdie is not simply celebrating the protean , metamorphic nature of things.
George Orwell once described England as a protean creature, stretching ceaselessly into the past, forever changing, forever the same.