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prostitution / проституция, проституирование
имя существительное
prostitution, harlotry, whoredom, hooking
имя существительное
the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.
The incidence of prostitution and sexual assault of women has soared.
Locals contend that prostitution and crime are soaring as people find no other way to stay afloat.
Well I don't think that the Health Department supports street prostitution in residential areas at all.
However, the impact of street prostitution on trade is a key issue which the police are aware of.
the sale of captives into slavery and prostitution
Their remaining options were sleeping on the streets, prostitution , crime and starvation.
Street prostitution has increased in some areas as more and more younger kids are getting into it.
Pressing a person into prostitution or a sexual act will carry a prison sentence of up to three years.
People say that prostitution is the oldest profession and that I am not facing reality.
Since she is all for legalizing prostitution , I think she sees me as her enemy.
We are not on a moral crusade against prostitution, just street prostitution .