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prostitute / проститутка, шлюха, потаскушка
имя существительное
prostitute, hooker, whore, harlot, streetwalker, doxy
whore, slut, hooker, harlot, prostitute, tart
slut, whore, hussy, prostitute, chippy, chippie
hireling, paid employee, prostitute
whore, slut, bitch, tart, hooker, prostitute
заниматься проституцией
prostitute, hustle, drab
имя существительное
a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.
Others attended the ‘circuses’ in which prostitutes performed sexual stunts.
offer (someone, typically a woman) for sexual activity in exchange for payment.
although she was paid $15 to join a man at his table, she never prostituted herself
The idea of the war between morals and instincts materializes in the efforts of a prostitute who wants to change her ways.
his willingness to prostitute himself to the worst instincts of the electorate
League of Ireland clubs could then prostitute themselves at the feet of these new owners of British clubs and say they can also own a club here for just a few hundred thousand.
He also thinks (as I do not) that webloggers won't prostitute themselves for attention.
He had, once he had achieved adolescence, moved from prostitute to prostitute , whore to whore, but he had never yet known love.
Dads who are driving the hard bargain for their kids, selling their talents off to the highest bidder, acting as pimps to prostitute their children's talents.
Many are poor women who prostitute to earn a living.
And for the rest of us who prostitute ourselves in non-sexual ways?
his willingness to prostitute himself to the worst instincts of the electorate
Why woman feel the need to prostitute their bodies, or why men feel the need to avail themselves of this service?