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prosthesis / протеза, протез, протезирование
имя существительное
prosthesis, prothesis
prosthesis, artificial limb, leg, prosthetic appliance, prothesis
prosthesis, prothesis
имя существительное
an artificial body part, such as a leg, a heart, or a breast implant.
his upper jaw was removed and a prosthesis was fitted
the addition of a letter or syllable at the beginning of a word, as in Spanish escribo derived from Latin scribo.
The energy expenditure needed to ambulate with an above-knee prosthesis is far greater than that needed with a below-knee prosthesis .
During the waiting period, I was given a temporary prosthesis - fake breasts that fit in my bra - to wear.
For example, in one complaint, a company-made prosthesis was removed due to loose hardware and infection, the warning letter said.
his upper jaw was removed and a prosthesis was fitted
The single most critical aspect of any prosthesis is the quality of the interface between the limb remnant and the artificial prosthesis .
Reasons for undergoing reconstruction include inability to wear clothes, dislike of the external prosthesis , and weariness of the mastectomy deformity.
With the laser, the neomembrane and scar can be safely removed and the new prosthesis can be accurately placed.
At age 4, a left systemic-to-pulmonary fistula was performed, using a tubular prosthesis to anastomose the left subclavian artery to the left pulmonary artery.
For instance, a new prosthesis costing twice as much as a current prosthesis but only leading, at best, to a 20% reduction in prosthetic failure would not justify a trial or licensing.
If an infection occurs and a prosthesis has to be removed, it is extremely difficult to perform the operation again because of scar tissue.