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prosper / процветать, преуспевать, благоденствовать
prosper, thrive, flourish, do
succeed, do well, prosper, get on, thrive, flourish
succeed in material terms; be financially successful.
his business prospered
This lovely eastern river enjoyed a fine 2004 and I hope that it will continue to prosper this spring and beyond.
We will multiply and prosper such that our empire is infinite and our ingenuity boundless.
If people have a passion and are on a mission to be successful - they will prosper .
He knows the desires of my heart and He has promised to bless me and prosper me.
A number of buildings were already provided and if the institution was to prosper it would need to expand.
Several times, she had almost given up hope that the business would ever prosper and the only thing that kept her going had been her pride.
Companies that prosper over the long term don't just offer good deals.
You know, I rather think there are, and it might prosper the Lord's cause if we made a more determined effort to find them.
When the crop begins to grow and prosper , he can retire, become a gentleman farmer, and let a new, by now wiser, younger man, take over.
Community groups across East Lancashire are set to prosper thanks to a new initiative which is being backed by a Rossendale firm.