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prosody / просодия
имя существительное
prosody, versification
имя существительное
the patterns of rhythm and sound used in poetry.
the translator is not obliged to reproduce the prosody of the original
The fundamental importance of prosody in relation to human speech and song, where the timing of stress within a word can determine its linguistic function as noun or verb, is well expressed in ‘office psalmody’.
The argument in favor of hexameter is thus analogous to Coleridge's endeavor to free himself from syllabic prosody in Christabel.
The second edition of 1575 tops this up with, among other things, the first treatise on prosody in English.
Traditional prosody describes the rhythm of poetry as the meaningful counterpoint of speech pattern against a fixed abstract meter.
But like Hopkins, Lin wants almost every syllable to pop in some way, and he pushes the line across the page quickly, impatiently, challenging the ear to assimilate its bounding prosody .
Although older adults have greater difficulty than younger adults when the rate of speech is more rapid, use of prosody remains largely unaffected by age.
By good luck I heard that a former professor of mine was about to teach a course in prosody - the study of poetic metre, rhyme and stanza.
By contrast, Chapter 6 uses the prosody of classical Greek poetry to illuminate the Seventh Symphony.
the salience of prosody in child language acquisition
It's said that way, with the local accent and prosody .