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prose / проза, прозаичность
имя существительное
prose, prosaism, prosiness, prosaicism, pedestrianism
имя прилагательное
prosaic, prosy, prose, prosaical, matter-of-fact
излагать стихи прозой
prosify, prose
скучно говорить или писать
писать прозой
prose, prosify
имя существительное
written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.
a short story in prose
talk tediously.
prosing on about female beauty
compose or convert into prose.
All infused new life and elegance into Urdu prose .
I chose prose narrative fiction as the crucial focus of comparison and confrontation among cultures of the world.
His lifelong concern with the South also pervades most of his non-fiction prose works.
a short story in prose
a prose passage
The book is plagued by turgid prose , facile observations, and far-fetched inferences from limited evidence.
So I think people who are trying to help students genuinely write better English prose are doing a noble service.
The author's prose is clear and his image of Zimbabwe is accessible and understandable, if perhaps oversimplified.
This is where the prose poem can develop as a major form.
In all his writings the fruits of observation and reflection were exhibited in lucid prose .