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proscribe / объявлять вне закона, изгонять, высылать
объявлять вне закона
outlaw, proscribe, proclaim
drive out, expel, banish, eject, evict, proscribe
expel, deport, send out, banish, dispatch, proscribe
forbid, especially by law.
strikes remained proscribed in the armed forces
The power to proscribe organisations should be vested in more than an individual (the Attorney General) and representatives from banned organisations should have adequate rights of appeal.
Current rules proscribe relationships between soldiers of different rank, or soldiers and officers.
International criminal law is a body of international rules designed both to proscribe international crimes and to impose upon States the obligation to prosecute and punish at least some of those crimes.
The Bill is unnecessary simply because the government presently has the power to proscribe terrorist organisations.
Using this definition, the attorney-general could proscribe any group that organises a demonstration or strike in which a person was injured or felt endangered.
It is conceivable that this identifier alone could alarm the Attorney General enough to proscribe the organisation.
‘If you proscribe an organisation, you strengthen it’, he said.
Last week the government released a list of 15 proscribed organisations.
Among the draconian penal laws is Law 71 which states that anyone ‘who calls for the establishment of any grouping, organisation or association proscribed by law’ can be executed.
If we were proscribed we would go underground, and anything that's underground surfaces.