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proscenium / авансцена, просцениум, проскениум
имя существительное
proscenium, apron, foreground, forestage
Long takes that highlight the film's interconnected physical spaces are the rule, and many shots are viewed through a door or window frame, suggesting a proscenium .
There is a drama in each photograph; edges are used as the perimeters of a proscenium , with subjects strategically sited within those boundaries and caught at a moment of absolute stasis.
Or, detractors will suggest, the finished product feels too stagy and hasn't managed to pull itself away successfully from the proscenium .
No one dared intrude beyond the presidential seal woven into the center of the pale green rug that lay before the President's mahogany desk: the proscenium of the stage.
But, I struggled a bit to find suitable actors and create the proscenium .
The fourteen dancers melted into patterns out of an old Golddiggers flick and at one point, all posed at the front of the proscenium and twittered their legs like a bevy of chorines from an old Movietone newsreel.
The theatre is now equipped with full lighting banks, there is a false proscenium and trapdoors in the stage, the audience seating has been much improved and better access has been arranged.
Before any appreciation of the performance, it should be noted that it is really a nice experience to watch those trained in theatre moving around the proscenium .
The main entrance is a double-height proscenium on the north facade that connects with the central lightwell, offering a clear view through the building.
Its spacious stage does not have a pronounced proscenium or lip, but suspended above it is a catwalk that the dancers can access easily if they want the audience to look up at them rather than down.