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prorogue / отложить, отсрочивать
set aside, put aside, set down, hold over, prorogue
defer, delay, postpone, stay, adjourn, prorogue
discontinue a session of (a parliament or other legislative assembly) without dissolving it.
James prorogued Parliament in 1685 and ruled without it
Will the issue be dealt with before we prorogue in the autumn or before we rise for any general election next year?
The government was hoping to prorogue parliament on 20 November.
Political analysts speculated that she will not face a vote unless certain of victory, predicting that she may either prorogue Parliament for another two months or dissolve it in favor of general elections.
the House was all set to prorogue
It was the year of Bloody Sunday in Derry and the Widgery Inquiry, the year of the burning of the British Embassy in Dublin, the prorogation of the Stormont Parliament and the introduction of direct rule in Northern Ireland.
The wealthy creditors of the Council, however, opposed inflation, and they rejected the House bill, after which ‘the General Court prorogued in a bad temper.’
In volume 3 of the materials, tab 5, page 430, there are three things, adjournment, prorogation and dissolution.
The revival of religious controversy was extremely unwelcome to Whig ministers and when the matter was raised in the lower house of convocation, that body was hastily prorogued , not to meet again until 1852.
Two innovations in provincial administration are credited to Tiberius: prorogations of governors, and governorships in absence.
The Bill, endorsed by me, will be sent for Royal Assent at the time of prorogation in compliance with the provisions of the Parliament Act.