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prorate / пропорциональная доля
имя существительное
пропорциональная доля
распределять пропорционально
allocate, distribute, or assess pro rata.
bonuses are prorated over the life of a player's contract
This year, because the collective bargaining agreement has not been extended, teams can prorate bonuses over only five years - compared with six years in 2004 and seven years previously - which will hold down some initial offers.
That amount is prorated equally over the years of his contract, although there are limits to the bonus allocation.
These fee payments shall not exceed 80 percent of the award fee amount available for each evaluation period, and are prorated on a monthly basis.
When I bought my house last year, the property taxes were prorated so that the seller paid the taxes up to the time of the sale.
This amount will be prorated according to salaries and percentage of the year that people worked, so every employee will receive a part of the profits amounting to an equal percentage of their salary.
The amount is prorated for earned portions of a month.
To close that loophole, the league takes any salary on long-term deals to be paid after age 36 and prorates it.
The part-time tenure track prorates additional years to tenure review based on the full-time equivalent.
Later, the judge ruled that, constitutionally, the cutbacks could not come via proration .
Job sharing allows two people to share one full-time position, prorating salary and some benefits.