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proprietorial / собственнический
Certainly a lot of blogging is a form of journalism but without the commercial, editorial or proprietorial pressures.
One possibility is that people feel different about photos than they do with playlists and music - more proprietorial , more nervous of sharing.
He looks what he claims to be, her friend, confidant and protector, a smiling, slightly proprietorial figure.
Can I write your story into a film and leach you of any kind of proprietorial rights?
‘Just look at these mountains,’ he says, with all the proprietorial pride of a man who feels he is monarch of all he surveys.
All went swimmingly at first, and I had that warm, faintly proprietorial glow that goes with introducing friends to somewhere that you feel has been your own brilliant discovery.
They feel proprietorial , as though the Big Apple were theirs to consume.
Another option might be to create an editorial board with real legal safeguards against proprietorial dismissal.
It's a caper through London's East End in the company of four blokes with a proprietorial interest in a boozer, which acts as the control centre for their dodgy enterprises.
The internet, the most effective means yet discovered for sharing proprietorial information, redefines the concept of copyright beyond anything the law can keep up with.