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proprietor / владелец, собственник, хозяин
имя существительное
owner, holder, master, proprietor, possessor, wearer
owner, proprietor, proprietary
host, owner, master, boss, proprietor, manager
имя существительное
the owner of a business, or a holder of property.
Its proprietors have managed to fashion a sow's ear out of a silk purse.
Most include third party coverage - for example, if a customer sues the proprietor of a retail store.
The proprietor of the store placed a " Good manners welcomed here " sign on the door.
by 1640 he was himself the proprietor of a three-hundred-acre tract
The partners agreed to share the name, but to be sole proprietor of their own stores.
In unison, we asked the proprietor how he ended up so far from his homeland.
If her bid stands, she could become the sole proprietor of the hotel.
When Dennis died in 1971 Mary became the sole proprietor .
I crossed to the bar and asked the proprietor about the room.
They heard his cheerful voice coming from within as he hailed the proprietor of the establishment.
And so Harry became the new proprietor of the company.