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proprietary / патентованный, собственнический, частный
имя прилагательное
patented, proprietary, patent, licensed, officinal, licenced
proprietary, possessive, property-owning
private, partial, particular, individual, proprietary, local
имя существительное
право собственности
ownership, proprietary, title, property, propriety, sasin
owner, proprietor, proprietary
owner, holder, master, proprietor, possessor, proprietary
имя прилагательное
of or relating to an owner or ownership.
the company has a proprietary right to the property
имя существительное
an owner; proprietor.
Participating owners in a proprietary shipping pool do not operate the pool themselves; they place their trust in the pool operator to do it for their benefit.
There's a high premium on proprietary product.
I expect this will only continue to get worse as more and more companies attempt to ‘protect’ their proprietary products and services.
The most obvious one is to sell unique and proprietary products to the largest number of people.
Those catalysts could include new products, demographic trends, proprietary products, increased market share, or a change in cost structure.
‘They don't have anything like bouncy castles here,’ says Louise, striding with a proprietary air through the long grass of what one day soon will be their own mini theme park.
Over the past decade, the trend toward proprietary ownership of insurance and delivery systems has accelerated.
These products usually cost less than comparable proprietary products.
The dispute produced armed conflicts over tax collection and occasional uprisings against one proprietary regime or the other.
On the other hand, a number of firms have shown that you can run a healthy business without cornering the market with your proprietary technology.