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propound / выдвигать, предлагать на обсуждение
push, put forward, move out, pull out, advance, propound
предлагать на обсуждение
propound, put, propone
put forward (an idea, theory, or point of view) for consideration by others.
he began to propound the idea of a “social monarchy” as an alternative to Franco
he began to propound the idea of a ‘social monarchy’ as an alternative to Franco
These works actively propound the belief that the unexamined death is not worth dying.
he began to propound the idea of a “social monarchy” as an alternative to Franco
He was the first economist of note to propound the idea of ‘optimum currency areas’ of which the euro-area is the first.
We can propound the idea that entertainment is not optional, but a constituent element of human development.
The researchers who propound these theories and the doctors administering these treatments, by contrast, are regarded as courageous pioneers battling against official indifference and dogma.
In that case the propounder of the Will made by a wealthy 74 year old man was a person who was alleged to have killed the deceased unlawfully.
He is not alone; many in India have propounded this theory lately.
In the middle of nineteenth century Karl Marx propounded the theory of historical and dialectical materialism.
When catcher Moe Berg offered to explain baseball to Albert Einstein in exchange for tutoring in mathematics, the propounder of the theory of relativity responded.