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proposal / предложение, заявка, план
имя существительное
offer, sentence, proposal, supply, suggestion, offering
bid, application, request, claim, proposal, requisition
plan, outline, schedule, scheme, blueprint, proposal
имя существительное
a plan or suggestion, especially a formal or written one, put forward for consideration or discussion by others.
a set of proposals for a major new high-speed rail link
an offer of marriage.
After all, convicted murderers always get more marriage proposals than other men.
The two plays focus on a woman who rejects a marriage proposal and is attacked by the jilted lover.
Two thousand miles is a long way to go to have your marriage proposal turned down.
the proposal of flexible work hours
We do not know exactly what Harry said to Bess, but it must have amounted to a proposal .
she said yes to his proposal
She rejected his proposal of marriage and, for many weeks, we heard no more of him.
She did not want to lose the doctor and accepted his proposal of marriage.
I understand that you have accepted a proposal of marriage from Charles.
insurance proposal
What looked like a proposal of marriage between the two biggest insurers in Britain turned out to be a brief encounter.