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proportioned / распределять, соразмерять
distribute, allocate, allot, share, divide, dispense
measure, proportion, regulate, proportionate
имя прилагательное
having dimensions or a comparative relationship of parts of a specified type.
she was tall and perfectly proportioned
adjust or regulate (something) so that it has a particular or suitable relationship to something else.
a life after death in which happiness can be proportioned to virtue
We are what you might call generously proportioned women.
He's an arrogant sort of chap and he's going a bit bald but, my, isn't he beautifully proportioned .
This sense of space is continued throughout with generously proportioned rooms.
None of the 31 generously proportioned bedrooms are the same.
It could be the Pantheon, surely one of Rome's most significant and finely proportioned structures.
The craft was well proportioned and attractive.
The accommodation offers a traditionally proportioned lounge with original fire surround and natural wood doors.
This is a good, buttery and well proportioned wine.
It was only the size of one of Katie's baby dolls, but it was perfectly proportioned and anatomically correct.
Physically, she fits the ideal ballerina mold perfectly, with a beautifully proportioned body and limbs that never look less than graceful.