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proportion / доля, часть, пропорция
имя существительное
share, proportion, fraction, percentage, portion, part
part, portion, piece, section, proportion, fraction
proportion, ratio, rate
имя прилагательное
proportional, proportionate, proportion, balanced, proportionable, rateable
distribute, allocate, allot, share, divide, proportion
measure, proportion, regulate, proportionate
имя существительное
a part, share, or number considered in comparative relation to a whole.
the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is rising
adjust or regulate (something) so that it has a particular or suitable relationship to something else.
a life after death in which happiness can be proportioned to virtue
In addition, the study found there was a relatively low proportion of the labour force with third level qualifications.
Dürer, the first artist in the North to take up these studies, was obsessed throughout his life by the search for ideal proportion .
perceptions of color, form, harmony, and proportion
A substantially higher proportion of the whole population comes to be defined as urban dwelling.
Fashion may have changed over the years, but the pursuit of that ideal body proportion has not.
We have no information as to what proportion of cases were decided and what proportion were settled.
In my view the bad cases are normally a very small proportion .
What I said was they were given proportionally, and the member's proportion was correct.
Finally, general issues of layout, proportion and composition are also examined.
the proportion of examination to coursework