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prophylaxis / профилактика
имя существительное
prophylaxis, prophylaxy
имя существительное
action taken to prevent disease, especially by specified means or against a specified disease.
the treatment and prophylaxis of angina pectoris
We have to distinguish between prophylaxis and prevention, and treatment.
Most urologic procedures do not require preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis .
Routine use of antimicrobial prophylaxis or serologic testing after a tick bite is not recommended.
They need to be backed up by drugs for prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections.
How can nurses plan for antibiotic prophylaxis , a role that is so important to patient safety?
These surgical patients would receive our routine antibiotic prophylaxis as well as the study drug.
Containment may not be possible without vaccination, prophylaxis or effective treatment.
For many procedures, antibiotic prophylaxis is given during the induction of anesthesia.
Physicians who have been exposed to a person known to have pertussis need antibiotic prophylaxis .
For this reason antibiotic prophylaxis during labour should be started as soon as possible after risk factors have been identified.