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prophetess / пророчица
имя существительное
prophetess, seeress
имя существительное
a female prophet.
I have spent a good deal of the last three and a half years researching the Sibyl of Cumae, the pagan prophetess of classical antiquity said by Virgil to write her oracles on leaves.
In addition, the prophetess of ‘anti-globalisation’ now hates the word.
In book three, Helenus tells Aeneas and his men that they must seek their future from the inspired prophetess of Cumae, who spells out the decree of the fates on the fragile parchment of leaves.
Methinks it's she who fancies herself as the ignored prophetess who's in the end proved correct by the events.
After a series of grammatical errors and further assaults on the English language he brought his spirited sermon to an end and introduced to the pulpit a trendy-looking prophetess named Marline.
We're told she's a prophetess in Richard III and that she has tremendous accuracy.
Wouldn't it be easier just to ask the prophetess to consult her little psychic ability?
Their raft grounded at the peak of Mount Parnassus, and they immediately gave thanks to the gods of the mountain and to the prophetess Themis, guardian of the oracle.
And do you think that Lyissa will become a prophetess herself?
When they are to arrive in Italy they are to seek out a prophetess called the Sibyl at Cumae.
Is the little prophetess spreading her little stories around again?