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property / свойство, собственность, имущество
имя существительное
property, characteristic, feature, attribute, affinity, quality
own, property, ownership, possessions, proprietorship, worldly goods
property, estate, possessions, asset, goods, substance
имя прилагательное
property, material
имя существительное
a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively.
she wanted Oliver and his property out of her house
an attribute, quality, or characteristic of something.
the property of heat to expand metal at uniform rates
One thing is clear: the general property or ownership in the items pledged remains vested in the pledgor.
The characteristic property of membrane proteins is their intimate contact with lipids.
take all your property with you
But how were those notions of ownership and property understood in customary terms?
She knew immediately that her mother was going to hound Ferdinand for the money, perhaps even possess his belongings or property .
Institutions are keen to buy commercial property that is rented on long-term leases, as it offers healthy returns.
right of property
The index is formed by the prices of residential property, commercial property and land.
And few could argue that the asking purchase price was too high for the entire property - house and lands.
So maybe we have some areas outside of protected areas, on private property or council land, that could be set aside for those uses.