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propertied / имущий, имеющий собственность
имя прилагательное
имеющий собственность
имя прилагательное
(of a person or group) owning property and land, especially in large amounts.
a propertied country gentleman
We understand that there are limits to the degree to which the wealthy and the propertied can declare independence from the society of which they are part; that they have reciprocal obligations to the society of which they are part.
Roman victories had not only brought wealth and land to the propertied class, but vast numbers of slaves, creating the conditions for revolt.
In general, this book successfully refines several prevalent interpretative paradigms, most notably the purported decline of propertied women into indolence and luxury and the rise of separate spheres.
First, I explore interactions among the various groups involved with the house, especially the city council, propertied citizens, and inmates of the house.
The consecration of the sale of Church property was integral to Napoleon's desire to consolidate a ruling class based on landownership which was both noble and non-noble, a single propertied class of ‘notables’.
His transactions touched virtually all propertied families, many to their detriment.
There did not seem to be a wealthy propertied class of landlords or a bourgeoisie.
The previous two or three centuries had been remarkably stable on the part of the laboring classes but the 14th century began to witness numerous peasant and urban revolts against the oppression of the propertied classes.
However, these activities were consistent with white propertied women's prescribed identification with home and family.
Add up the nouns like that and you're really propertied .