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properly / правильно, должным образом, собственно
properly, right, correctly, best, well, rightly
должным образом
properly, duly, in due course, rightly, right
correctly or satisfactorily.
ensuring the work is carried out properly
thoroughly; completely.
this is the first day she has felt properly well
But the number of cases that properly fall in either category is exceptionally small.
However, some errors are difficult to correct, even when properly identified.
algebra is, properly speaking , the analysis of equations
Minutes are disappearing simply because I'm entirely unable to function properly .
In my judgment she acted entirely properly in taking every step to protect her source.
The ads poke fun at the problem parents, not at the ones who behave properly at their kids' games.
a properly drafted agreement
I'm trying to get my mother to behave properly
ensuring the work is carried out properly
She pleaded with other women not to get into a car unless they are absolutely positive it is properly registered.