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propel / стимулировать, двигать, приводить в движение
stimulate, promote, induce, motivate, propel, pep
move, propel, stir
приводить в движение
set in motion, drive, put in motion, propel, move, actuate
drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward.
the boat is propelled by using a very long paddle
Do not let fear of error or retribution propel you into a medical appointment or a dangerous situation.
If you were so inspired, you could actually learn to work the big red wheels in the proper manner to propel you forward.
The wave can also propel solid projectiles, such as cannonballs.
A stroke consists of four components that have to be completed perfectly to propel the boat forward as fast as possible.
Solar sails will use the sun's energy to propel spacecraft across the cosmos.
As such, they don't propel the craft through the water very well!
Use your arms to help propel you upward and to control the movement.
But he found he could propel himself forward by pushing off against the sides with his feet.
The propeller or the jet engine of an aircraft pushes air backwards to propel the aircraft forward.
He established himself as the champion of the working people and that helped propel him to the presidency.